These are our Founding Sponsors.  Thanks to their support we are able to produce this internet radio station & provide you with quality programming.  Surf Monkey Media & The Problem Solving Network are very selective regarding its partnerships and feel confident that should you or your family require any help for issues discussed on any of these shows, that these sponsors will either be able to help you directly or guide you & assist you in the process.  

The Orange County Drug Free Office has been a supporter of our flag ship show, The Couch Live, since 1999 and is a great example of how local government can be an active participant in the recovery process.  Orange County continues to prove it's commitment to fighting the stigma and overcoming the barriers for families to have access to mental health and substance use disorder treatment.

Both JourneyPure & Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers provide most all levels of care for substance related issues and have programs in multiple states.  They were approved as sponsors due to their national reach and ability to assist clients with placement outside their program when necessary.  

The N.O.W. Matters More Foundation can help individuals and families navigate and select a program that is the best fit for the problems indicated and has an additional list of vetted programs we trust at

Each individual show may also have additional sponsorship.