New Shows


Talent search…

For the month of August, The Problem Solving Network will be scouting new programs to add to our network. We're looking for a problem solving program within the topics of politics, business or legal.

Within the political sphere there is a lot of misinformation and biased reporting. We would need a political based show that discusses that actual facts regardless of affiliation. The people deserve the truth. 

In business, too many people are living check to check instead of living their financially fulfilled lives. We need a problem solver that can help regular people navigate their professional lives in a way more conducive to long-term happiness and finical freedom.

Legal responsibilities & troubles can scare anyone. We need a program that can help everyone navigate the complexities of the legal system and understand their legal rights/responsibilities be it in business or personal matters.

If you think your program fulfills one of these needs, submit via email to