Show Us The Money

Are they all just talk or are they really doing anything about the Opioid Pandemic?

This episode Lui & Trinity talk with one of their very good friends Tom Garafola about what the government is doing if anything about this Opioid Crisis. Tom Garafola is the Chief Marketing Officer for Retreat Behavioral Health. You see it all over the news and hear the talking heads claim that they care, but are everyday citizens aware of what is being done. Unfortunately we still lose approximately 200 lives daily to overdoses.

While so many people fill their time lines with hate or defense of the federal administration, these guys suggest you focus on what they are doing with real dollars and to start asking your local government what they are doing with the over 7 Billion dollars the federal government has given to local districts. Less than 3 Billion in 2016, then over 4 Billion in 2017, to over 7 Billion in 2018 and now. Real numbers for real solutions.

Please take this information and don’t let your local governments only talk about what should be done, but tell you where the money is going. Public money to public facilities, but this doesn’t touch the millions of citizens that have private health insurance and do not use public assistance. Do politicians ever address that population?

The middle class is the largest population and many of them are under insured and need help too. These guys have some ideas on how to help them too. Listen to what they have to say and feel free to chime in.

Should you be able to help with additional information please post below. They share their opinions on The Couch Live, and so should you. Feel free to comment.

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