Self Disappointment

On the latest episode (HERE) of Dharma Time, The Dharma Guy & The Dope Doctor talk about Self Disappointment.

Self disappointment can stifle progress and freeze any movement. It can create a sense of despair and ruin self esteem. Or it can be a source of growth and infinite teaching lessons. Depending on your perspective, it can be any of the above.

I personally choose to view any self disappointment as an opportunity to see areas that I’m unskillful and need to evolve. Having said that, I also make sure to ensure my goals are realistic and obtainable. My goals also need to evolve as I evolve. The goals and ideals I had as an angry 19 year old are much different than my current goals. Too often we compare ourselves to others or to whom we wanted to be years ago instead of the best we can be now.

In the end, it’s not to waste time and energy beating yourself up over self disappointment, rather let it go and learn from it. No progress can be made by dwelling or self shaming. Admit your faults and limitations while also recognizing you might need some help. Learn to accept or even ask for help if you continue to be disappointed in your behavior. If your way isn’t working, try another. Your inner peace should be the goal instead of being right.

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