Pain and Mass Shootings

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The mass shootings America is experiencing are completely unacceptable and completely preventable. This last month illustrated this with shootings in Gilroy, El Paso & Dayton. There’s a lack of spirituality and coping in the US that stems from our inability to deal with pain in a healthy way. Too many people either reach for vices such as alcohol/drugs, distractions such as phones/tv or they seek vengeance of some sort. However, none of those are sustainable nor effective in the long haul.

We currently seem to be caught up in this reactive mode where we blame the symptoms instead of the problems. Guns are not the enemy. If guns are less available, they with find other and potentially scarier modalities such as bombs. Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with sensible gun control laws that take measures to protect our citizens, but that won’t solve the problem we have with pain. It’s not video games, it’s not music, it’s not white or brown people and it’s not a democratic or republican issue….it’s a spiritual issue.

Regardless if you choose Buddhism, Christianity or any other spiritual tradition you must find something bigger than yourself to help guide you when times get rough and pain reveals itself in your life.

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