It Takes A Village

This episode Lui & Trinity welcome two friends in the studio to speak about it taking an entire community to understand, empathize, and treat our addiction/overdose crisis.

Anna Reed who has worked to help curb nicotine addiction in our youth has been very busy. She is one of many putting a great deal of effort into helping her community of Orange County in Florida get a Recovery Community Organization (RCO).

An RCO is an independent, non-profit organization led and governed by representatives of local communities of recovery. These organizations organize recovery focused policy advocacy activities, carry out recovery focused community education and outreach programs, and/or provide peer based recovery support services. Central Florida is having their symposium on 9/21/19 from 9:30am to 2:30pm at Calvary Church in Orlando. You can register on Eventbrite and follow it on Facebook.

David Knight is with Marketing 4 Warriors which is a new non-profit organization that helps victims of human trafficking get treatment. Both Anna & David will also be at Orange County’s Recovery Walk that helps the community celebrate that recovery is possible and helps silence the stigma associated with who is effected by this disease and is it possible to recover. You can also register for that event on Eventbrite.

We would like to hear about what is going on in your community as well. The federal government has now increased its total commitment to this crisis to 9 billion dollars. How is your community using their share and is it getting to those that really need it?

With approximately 200 individuals dying daily just from overdoses we really hope everyone is searching on how they can be part of the solution. The guys share their opinions on The Couch Live, and so should you. Feel free to comment. 

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