Passion From Pain

This episode Lui & Trinity welcome two friends in the studio to discuss one of the most requested desires from anyone breathing life; passion. Not the sexual passion, but the passion that inspires individuals to define their purpose in life.

Passion is fuel that once activated it can break through any barriers in the path. How to find it, recognize it, and harness it is the goal. Pain has proven to be the greatest contributor to helping individuals discover their passion.

During this episode of The Couch Live we welcome Scott Kelley & Perry Landsman, both from JourneyPure, to help discuss this. They, along with Lui & Trinity, share their own personal stories of self discovery and what led them to doing what they do today. Many individuals in the helping professions can relate, and hopefully you can too.

Should you still be in search of your own purpose then please watch this episode and reach out if necessary. They share their opinions on The Couch Live, and so should you. Feel free to comment.

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